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Baldwin, David

I am looking for any info I can find on a David Baldwin born abt 1810 Massachusetts
who married a Sarah Darling born abt 1810 Rhode Island. They had a daughter
Sarah Darling Baldwin born 20 Nov 1839 in Rockford, winnebago, Illinois. They
also had a son, name unknown, born abt 1835 in rockford, winnebago, Illinolis.
I do not know where and when they married, possibly rockford, winnebago, Ill.
They only info I can find on them is a 1840 federal census, which puts four
people in the household, two adults 30-39 and two childred under the age of
five. I also found an 1841 land record in Rockford, Winnebago, Ill for a David
Baldwin. Any info you have on them, or can find, would be greatly appreciated.
thanks in advance.

Robin Ingram

On the Winnebago side of "The Pioneer's of Winnebago and Boone Counties,
Illinois who came before 1841" I have 3 Baldwins pg 20

Benjamin Baldwin was b. 2 July 1910 in N.Y., d. 26 July 1895 in New Milford
Twp.; m. 20 Jan. 1847 in Winn. Co., Sarah Ann Horton, b. 2 Nov. 1823 in N.Y.,
d. 9 May 1884, both bur. in New Milford Cem. In 1850, Hannah Baldwin aged 70y.
lived with the family. She was prob. Benjamin's mother.

Benjamin named a number of beneficiaries in his will which was made 28 May
1895 and filed 5 Aug. 1895.

Children, all adopted;

i. William, m. Sarah J.

ii. Daughter living in the east.

iii. Frances G., m. 20 Jan. 1881 in Winn. Co., Arthur H. Maxwell.

Lola Rhodes, Rockford, Ill.; 1840 p. 434; 1850 New Milford Twp. Dw 15, fam
16; RDG 27 July 1895 p. 1, col. 6 (Benj.); IRAD w-3, P. 342; fd v 706, PP. 47,

DAVID BALDWIN was aged 30-40 in 1840 and had a household of one female 30-40,
one male and one female under 5. He bought land 23 Oct. 1839 in New Milford

1840 p. 434; FD V 706 p. 19.

The other Baldwin is a Thomas Baldwin who doesn't appear to be connected to
the family, however, if he is in your family tree, please don't hesitate to
let me know and I will send you that info also.

Checking the Boone county side of the book, I didn't find any Baldwins.


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